More teens getting married in MMO’s

More and more teens are getting hitched in online virtual worlds, according to Lim Jun Yi in an article he wrote at website asiaone, which was first published at The Straits Times. At an estimated $30 for $40 per marriage, which includes the virtual wedding rings and required tickets, the events aren’t cheap in theContinue reading “More teens getting married in MMO’s”

Sports MMO ‘Ultimate Soccer Boss’ released

Doesn’t everyone want to be the best soccer manager they can be? That’s what MMOABC is betting on with the North American public release of their sports MMO, “Ultimate Soccer Boss,” the first free-to-play soccer manager browser game on the market. Unlike other browser-based managerial games, special adaptive learning technology allows your players to gainContinue reading “Sports MMO ‘Ultimate Soccer Boss’ released”

SONY’s ‘Free Realms’ releases today

No, I never received an invite to the closed beta for Sony’s newest free-to-play casual MMORPG aimed at a younger audience, “Free Realms,” so can you please stop asking me to join you? But wait, what’s this? Never mind; I’ll see you online in a bit. In a surprise entertainment attack, “Free Realms” is ready,Continue reading “SONY’s ‘Free Realms’ releases today”

‘Warrior Epic’ closed beta begins april-30

True Games Interactive has announced that the closed beta for Possibility Space’s “Warrior Epic” begins this week starting Thursday, April 30th. There are still a few spots available, so if you just found out about this or have been procrastinating, you still have a chance to be in on this. How? Simply register on theContinue reading “‘Warrior Epic’ closed beta begins april-30”