What will Covid-19 Corona Virus do with the Games Industry 2020-2022?

In this episode 14, I am asking a few questions besides my take on what might happen in the games industry! I am inviting you to come and brainstorm. Let other people know, that I am trying to get something going here, where we, as a gaming industry, compare notes/thoughts/ideas. What can we expect from ourselves, the consumer and more. Check the question below and give me your input in the comments.

Gaming is becoming more popular with the older generation

Older people are increasingly turning to videogames as the population ages and games become more and more popular and visible, according to new data published by the AARP, a US-based interest group that advocates on behalf of people aged 50 and above. Gamers in that age group have increased in number significantly since 2016, the studyContinue reading “Gaming is becoming more popular with the older generation”

Consumer spending on mobile games grew 8% to $210 million on Christmas

Consumer spending on mobile games grew 8% to $210 million on Christmas, according to a report by mobile analyst firm Sensor Tower. That was up from $195 million last year. U.S. mobile gamers spent $58 million, or 2% more than Christmas 2018. And mobile games accounted for 76% of worldwide app spending on Christmas and 73% of U.S.Continue reading “Consumer spending on mobile games grew 8% to $210 million on Christmas”

What is your choice of the best mobile game of 2019?

In the last few days I am seeing so many articles about ‘their’ best mobile games selection for 2019. There were many new games and the ‘old’ were still on top of the stores. So lets exclude these oldies! Tell me, what game did you play and was your number one favourite? Leave your thoughtsContinue reading “What is your choice of the best mobile game of 2019?”

What’s next for consumer AR in 2020

True augmented reality hasn’t found an easy path to consumer adoption. In spite of general understanding of how AR hardware and software should theoretically work — put on glasses to see the real world overlaid with digital objects and signage — the technology needed to actually get there has been confoundingly difficult, requiring so many big and small advancesContinue reading “What’s next for consumer AR in 2020”