Winch Gate lifting ‘Ryzom’ into pay-to-play

Well, developer Winch Gate Property, Ltd previously said they would change the business model of their MMO “Ryzom” and turn it from a free-to-play MMORPG into a pay-to-play MMORPG, and by golly, that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Beginning sometime next week (unfortunately no exact dates are given), if you want to continue playingContinue reading “Winch Gate lifting ‘Ryzom’ into pay-to-play”

New browser game for adults, ‘Disciple’

If you are an adult looking to try out an MMORPG or are a teenager and just feel you are mature for your age, you may enjoy checking out a newly launched browser game, “Disciple.” Resistor Productions has put together this fantasy battlefield geared toward adults; almost the entire game is based on the writingsContinue reading “New browser game for adults, ‘Disciple’”

Space MMO ‘Cosmic Supremacy’ now available

Feeling an urge to play a space-themed MMO after watching J.J. Abrams’ incredible “Star Trek?” Why don’t you give “Cosmic Supremacy” a try. (Forgive the cheese, but the release schedule of the two pieces of media remains a little too close to be a coincidence.) Formerly known as “Space Civilizations,” “Cosmic Supremacy” is a turn-basedContinue reading “Space MMO ‘Cosmic Supremacy’ now available”

Get hitched in ‘Deco Online’ for a limited time

From now until June 9, players in the free-to-play MMORPG “Deco Online” ”… can don wedding gowns and tuxedos acquired from the in-game item mall and attend a ceremony officiated by their favorite game master,” as the press release notes. In other words, for a limited time you can get married. Wait, what? Try asContinue reading “Get hitched in ‘Deco Online’ for a limited time”

‘RuneScape’ lightens offence policy

The tribe at “RuneScape” has decided to lighten up a little with their new Offence System. By no means are they ignoring offences, but they are willing to give their players a second chance and believe that people learn over time from their mistakes. (Instead of getting a slap on the hand with a ruler,Continue reading “‘RuneScape’ lightens offence policy”

MMORPG ‘Magic World Online’ celebrates anniversary

No self-respecting MMORPG developer would allow a holiday to go by without including some kind of celebration in their title, and this includes any and all relevant anniversaries. With that in mind, it could be said that developer Ingle Games Ltd. has announced the one year anniversary celebration for their MMORPG with legal bots, “MagicContinue reading “MMORPG ‘Magic World Online’ celebrates anniversary”

IGG previews new ‘Angels Online’ PvP system

A new PvP system will be available in free-to-play MMORPG “Angels Online” with its next expansion, “House Party.” Publisher IGG posted a preview of this new feature called Angel Arena. Apparently, this is “totally different” from the Totem Battle and Holy Battlefield. Only level 60+ players are able to sign up and engage in thisContinue reading “IGG previews new ‘Angels Online’ PvP system”

Cigarette usage influences Eastern MMO design

Last Friday, MIT’s Sloan School of Business hosted a business in gaming conference where panelists from 2K Boston, Sanrio Digital, Mythic Entertainment, and Turbine discussed, among many things, the current state of the industry. Even former baseball All-Star, and founder of 38 Studios LLC, Curt Schilling, joined the fun. As the Journal of New EnglandContinue reading “Cigarette usage influences Eastern MMO design”

8450 video game jobs lost since July 2008

Some suggest the video game industry’s rapid growth within the last ten years most closely resembles the over-inflation of a balloon or a bubble, and that it will soon burst, sending jobs, careers, and aspirations to the wayside. Perhaps in support of this claim, independent market analyst Wanda Meloni estimates that 8,450 people in theContinue reading “8450 video game jobs lost since July 2008”

‘Destiny Online’ holds 2-week long b-day party

“Destiny Online” is one year old and its celebrating its cuteness with some activities. Sorry, there is no “Duck, Duck, Goose” or “Pin The Tale On The Donkey” games planned, but a 5-day-long double exp event and other activities are going on right this minute. Late last week and this past weekend, there were doubleContinue reading “‘Destiny Online’ holds 2-week long b-day party”