What will Covid-19 Corona Virus do with the Games Industry 2020-2022?

In this episode 14, I am asking a few questions besides my take on what might happen in the games industry! I am inviting you to come and brainstorm. Let other people know, that I am trying to get something going here, where we, as a gaming industry, compare notes/thoughts/ideas. What can we expect from ourselves, the consumer and more. Check the question below and give me your input in the comments.

Esports platform Game.tv raises $25 million in Series A funding

Esports tournament platform Game.tv has raised $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Intel Capital. With the funding, the platform will grow its mobile gaming communities by using tournament sponsorships and also accelerate development of the platform’s core product – artificial intelligence Tourney. “When Game.tv’s platform crossed 10,000 tournaments in a short period of time,Continue reading “Esports platform Game.tv raises $25 million in Series A funding”

Dreamhack celebrates 25th anniversary and announces 2020 schedule

Esports events organizer Dreamhack is celebrating its 25th anniversary today by announcing its schedule for 2020, which includes 11 festivals across the globe. Dreamhack is a giant force in the esports world, holding more large-scale festivals than competitors like ESL. Dreamhack’s events in 2018 attracted 350,000 visitors and gave out over $5.5 million in prize money. A Dreamhack festivalContinue reading “Dreamhack celebrates 25th anniversary and announces 2020 schedule”

Esports and fashion? A match made in marketing heaven

When luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton announced in September it would be partnering with Riot Games’ League of Legends World Championship to design in-game outfits and a trophy carrying case, many people were left scratching their heads. On the surface, high fashion and video games seem an unlikely pairing. But as esports continues to shift from subcultureContinue reading “Esports and fashion? A match made in marketing heaven”

‘Awful Business’ Or The New Gold Rush? The Most Valuable Companies In Esports Are Surging

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