Gaming is becoming more popular with the older generation

Older people are increasingly turning to videogames as the population ages and games become more and more popular and visible, according to new data published by the AARP, a US-based interest group that advocates on behalf of people aged 50 and above. Gamers in that age group have increased in number significantly since 2016, the studyContinue reading “Gaming is becoming more popular with the older generation”

2019 game industry ad spend: a quiet year, how come? found that the game industry spent an estimated $319.6 million on television ads in 2019 (January 1 through December 8), a 14.68% decrease from the same time period in 2018. With that decrease came a fall in ad airings (-27.84%) and TV ad impressions (-16.10%). Image Credit: With an estimated outlay of $108.5 million, PlayStation remainedContinue reading “2019 game industry ad spend: a quiet year, how come?”

What’s next for consumer AR in 2020

True augmented reality hasn’t found an easy path to consumer adoption. In spite of general understanding of how AR hardware and software should theoretically work — put on glasses to see the real world overlaid with digital objects and signage — the technology needed to actually get there has been confoundingly difficult, requiring so many big and small advancesContinue reading “What’s next for consumer AR in 2020”

Study: 94% of free mobile games have in-game ads as developers fortify strategies

In-game ads increasingly provide a way for mobile marketers to reach audiences who are engaged with a gaming experience and aren’t just passive consumers of content, deltaDNA’s findings suggest. Growing in-game ad inventory gives marketers another digital channel to diversify their media budgets and lessen any over-dependence on paid search or social media. Mobile platformsContinue reading “Study: 94% of free mobile games have in-game ads as developers fortify strategies”