Suponic Esports Games

We build the crypto game platform and provide open source API for the game developers around the world, as we aim for setting up the global standard. Suponic Game Coin (SGC), the game money used in the crypto game platform, is built on top of Suponic’s own crypto technology.


Suponic Protocol aims to setup the global standards in crypto game world, providing core base for the regulations and the development procedures for the game developers, analysts, designers, artists, publishers, and other participants in the industry. The goal is to establish an environment where eSports industry can flourish and where gamers and game developers can enjoy the convenience of the platform. After the endless endeavor to establish the protocol, the World eSports and Blockchain Association (WESBA) has officially recognized Suponic Protocol, and now we are contributing to invigorate the crypto game industry by providing open source.


SGC is the coin used in the Suponic Game Platform, born with the unique algorithm. Gamers can use SGC to buy the items and also play against other gamers for wagering profit. The wagering system is set so that the professional gamers can make millions through SGC.


Suponic Game Platform currently hosts 64 mobile game softwares. All games can be downloaded in apk file, so that countries with access restrictions can also enjoy the games on our platform.


Suponic Exchange is built on top of the world best blockchain security system, as proved at the 2018 Suponic Forum, and incomparably fast transaction rate (68,000 TPS).

Suponic eSports is a company branched out from Suponic, harnessing the technology and financial support from its mother company. Suponic is a global group carrying out business in the field of IT, electronics, logistics, medical, and environment in diverse countries.

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