Merger & Acquisition

As a brand we understand the principles of creating synergies in  the long run by having and controlling increased market share, broad customer  base, and corporate strength of business. We help companies to strategically  acquire another company, or be acquired by another gaming company.

In the last five years, mobile gaming has grown from the smallest segment of the gaming market to a USD$70bn industry. It’s unsurprising that the past couple of years have been huge for mobile gaming acquisitions, from Zynga buying Gram Games to Niantic adding VR-focused Seismic Games.

Therefore we encourage all interested investors to understand  the risks and rewards of investingand we assure them of an amazing  experience with us. We also combine business activities and overall  performance efficiency to understand the company’s strengths. We also help in  eliminating competition as much as possible.

From identifying targets to acquire, making contact, setting up meetings to see if there is a fit, up to the level of contracting and outsourcing. We advise clients with several interesting M&A topics. As our founder holds shares in various gaming companies, the expertise we hold and deliver is up to date, but also with an eye for the (near) future.

We task ourselves with advising to secure acquisitions, or  establishing control via gaming vehicles to facilitate market consolidation.

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