Mentor & Coach

Our consultancy firm provides executive coaching specific to assist mangement teams and founders find their right way to steer their studio/company, feel greater satisfaction of their output and therefore deliver the results that their shareholders expect:

  • Helping them identify core values and goals;
  • Giving them access to their hidden beliefs, thoughts and experiences that hold them back;
  • Partnering with them to make the future they want a reality;
  • Find new ways to align and work effectively with key stakeholders;

RTB Game Consultancy provides focus, energy provocative inquiry to every coaching interaction so that clients gain insight into how their attitudes and actions shape their results.

Consider the hidden costs of not being aligned! How much rework, false starts, direction changes and iterations can your (company)budget allow for? With ever increasing development and marketing costs you cannot afford for your key stakeholders and team members to be misaligned.

Sometimes it takes a little outside help to get everyone on the same page and executing like the true high performers you know they can be. Product and Team Alignment Facilitation will help you take your performance and results to the next level.

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