Fundraise & Investment

With our proven track records and unyielding passion to be the  leading gaming consultancy in the world, when we find investors, we assure  them of commensurate profits and financial peace of mind.

We find investors (venture capital and private equity) to invest in gaming studios and/or service related companies.

We help our clients brainstorm about the future, analyzing  capital requirements, setting up a detailed financial forecast, closely  analyzing the industry and the position our clients take in it (SWOT). A SWOT  analysis is a brainstorming session—there are no right or wrong answers. You  want to come up with a broad list of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and  Threats.

We also engage actively in creating a well detailed presentation (pitch deck) that we can send out to the array of investors that we know based on experience. During the process of finding investors we guide our clients from the genesis of the deal to the end.

Our innovative ways of managing the business aspects of the  industry are beyond reproach. We constantly drive down costs and encourage  profits for our investors. Through our various products and services, our  investors are assured of optimised investments and profits.

There are many paths game developers can take to fund their mobile games (portfolio) and/or game studio, such as asking friends and family, crowdfunding, and securing  investors.

Today, governments are beginning to establish funds that support local gaming studios as well. These funds provide incentives for game developers to develop and also stay within their local economies. These funds exist around Europe, North America, and beyond.

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