Business Development

As a company of dedicated professionals, we painstakingly engage in the planning and execution of gaming strategies to meet organization objectives.

Game studios rarely achieve all of their objectives alone. We work together with developers, publishers, technology partners, funding and  many others to get your games and services to market.

We assist new and old companies in acquiring new customers and  selling additional products or services to existing ones.

Our activities in corporate business development include but are  not limited to:

1. Management Team Recruitment

2. Dynamic Phasing in or out of markets, goods and services or products.

3. Arranging strategic alliances and team bonding.

4. Identifying and acquiring companies

5. Securing corporate financing and well detailed investments of assets

6. Management of intellectual property.

A smart way to grow is to partner with another company that provides a technology or service you need. It’s often a lot more costly, time-consuming and risky to build the activity out yourself. Partners are available to fulfill activities including infrastructure like human resources and operations, services like legal, accounting and payroll, and even resources like capital.

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