Battle Pass is a hot trend in mobile games – like it or not; Battle Pass is a hot trend in mobile games – like it or not

A bit over a year ago, we wrote a post about Battle Pass systems. Back then, this monetization mechanic was still brand-new with Fortnite the first mobile title to popularize it among players. Even though other genres slowly started adopting the Battle Pass as well, it was mostly left to Battle Royale games. Now the mobile gaming market looks quite different, and you could argue that Battle Pass is here to stay – not only in Battle Royale but across the market. In this blog post, we’ll focus on trend & popularity data for Battle Passes and look at a couple of the most interesting implementations we’ve seen so far.

The data and examples shown here are gathered from the GameRefinery service, which you can access here. If you’re interested in researching over 200 in-game features, their popularity, and implementations or checking out feature deconstructions of hundreds of games, you might want to pay a visit!

Let’s kick things off with a simple yet powerful graph:; Battle Pass popularity in iOS US top grossing; Battle Pass popularity in iOS US top grossing

What this hockey stick figure depicts is the Battle Pass system’s popularity among US iOS games and its strong upward trend during this year. At the beginning of the year, only a couple percent of the top grossing 100 games had the feature implemented, but at the time of writing, 21% of US iOS top 100 grossing games already have a Battle Pass system up and running. During the last few months alone, the market has seen tons of different Battle Pass implementations – especially among the top 100 grossing titles.; US iOS top grossing 100 games with Battle Pass; US iOS top grossing 100 games with Battle Pass

As discussed earlier, Battle Pass used to be a “one-genre only” feature, but as the picture above shows, there are plenty of different genres utilizing Battle Pass already.

There’s naturally more than one way to implement a Battle Pass, and some ways work better than others. It’s not an easy task to create a system that comes with appealing enough content while not cannibalizing your other monetization features. Or one that has just the right price points and solid progression curve for maximum retention. But if you manage to find the proper balance between all these elements, the result can be something extremely powerful, and your game’s monetization capabilities leap to new heights.

Here are some examples of how various titles that have implemented their Battle Pass recently; how the progression is built, what rewards are offered, and how much it costs to get your hands on these passes.

Read the whole article written by Erno Kiiski of GameRefinery.

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