‘Runes of Magic’ introduces new pirate dungeon

In the 1985 classic the Goonies, an adventurous group of youngsters infiltrates a hidden cavern underneath an old cabin in the woods with the intent on finding lost treasure. As we all know, those little troublemakers eventually discovered ol’ One-Eyed Willy’s treasure, along with a charming monstrosity of a man named Sloth.

In Frogster’s free-to-play MMORPG “Runes of Magic,” players will soon gain the opportunity to be a part of a similar adventure when they visit the a-little-too-obviously-named “Treasure Trove,” a high level dungeon with “long-forgotten pirate gold.” Located in Ravenfell, publisher Frogster America, Inc. noted the new territory “furthers the story of the area’s involvement with the Black Sail Pirates.”

Instead of ripping off dead One-Eyed Willy, players who reach the end of the dungeon will face off against Snow Blake on the pirate ship the Black Mary.

I don’t play “Runes of Magic,” but that would change in a heartbeat if I heard our favorite Baby Ruth-eating Superman Sloth assisted players in the fight against Snow Blake. Now that would make the update in this MMORPG truly complete.

Posted by Kyle Stallock
May 11th, 2009

Published by Reinout te Brake

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