Taser drops suit against Second Life devs

As of a few days ago, Taser, a company (perhaps THE company) that makes real-life … uh … tasers … was suing Linden Lab, the company behind the flying penis-infested virtual world “Second Life.” According to a report from Massively, that’s no longer the case (pun definitely not intended).

Not familiar with the details? Let me enlighten you. Taser claimed, among many things, that their brand was negatively associated with many of the “Adult” ongoings of the userbase, because those particular people also created items similar in appearance to Taser products.

The case was silly and smelled of financial desperation, and I’m happy the company decided to drop it. Had they won a precedent would’ve been set, heavily limiting creativity in virtual worlds.

But alas, Tateru Nino at Massively makes a good point. Since Linden Lab didn’t file a response to the complaint, Taser can file it again.

Brace yourself, people, I have a feeling Taser’s using this time to build on their case, and possibly gain the support of other interested companies. Linden Labs may not be out of the crosshairs just yet.

Posted by Kyle Stallock
May 8th, 2009

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