‘Huxley: The Dystopia’ closed beta sign-ups

A long time ago, there was a game that caught the eyes of many FPS and MMO aficionados, that game was called “Huxley.” It was one of the new breed of games about to hit the massively multiplayer online world — a hybrid first person shooter and sci-fi MMO, built on Unreal Engine 3. Even though at first look it might cater more to the FPS than the MMO genre, there are definite pieces that make this game worthy of an MMO classification. The game was announced over a year ago, and since then it left the MMO sphere completely — until now.

A few weeks ago, Webzen, the creators of Huxley, launched a teaser site with a countdown. The teaser site changed recently, and with it was added video footage, forums, screenshots, character descriptions and backstory info. What I would like to mention is that “Huxley: The Dystopia” is currently taking closed beta sign-ups during the period of May 6 – May 20, and the first round of closed beta testing will last from June 3 – June 14. If you are interested in checking this MMOFPS out, head on over to the beta registration page located here. If you are lucky enough to be picked, happy fragging to you!

Posted by Demetri Kouvalis
May 8th, 2009

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