Seal Clubbers can now Club Seals in ‘KOL’

You might think that a game thats been available for six years — since February 2003 — would have exhausted most content vectors and that they’d have to start really searching for things to add, progressively getting farther and farther out there. Well, you might be right, but for the browser MMORPG “Kingdom of Loathing” adding new content seems to be as simple as looking at the name of each class that’s been around since the beginning of the game six years ago. Seal Clubbers, a Muscle class, have long been without seals to club. No longer! Now, Seal Clubbers can club seals. (Say that five times fast.)

The Guild store now has available, for the Muscle classes and only really beneficial to the Seal Clubber, certain trinkets that allow the summoning of Infernal Seals. One can only hope that they added some terrible puns mixing the animal with the object. Either way, this seems to be a trend with the Pastamancer recently receiving some love as well. So the question on everyones mind is this: When will Turtle Tamers be able to tame turtles?

Posted by James Bishop
May 7th, 2009

Published by Reinout te Brake

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