MMORPG ‘Shadowbane’ not quite dead

“Shadowbane” was scheduled to go the way of the dodo and “Tabula Rasa” on May 1st, but they’ve been placed on extended life support by an overwhelming response from the current playerbase, according to a report from Massively.

As the title’s developer Xanther writes, this extension isn’t permanent, and on July 1 the servers will shut down permanently … that is unless something else changes the developers minds. Like money, for example. I bet that would do it really quick.

Massively adds that the official Twitter account of Aeria Games mentioned that the company is interested in picking up the title from Ubisoft, but would like a bit of input from the players to determine how viable of a venture that would be.

Hang on, my bad idea alert just went off. Let’s see here … is Aeria Games really asking a very passionate group of gamers who have been playing the same title for up to six years whether or not their preferred MMO is “viable?” I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to read every pleading response containing little to no financial perspective (the most important part). Although, doing so would probably provide hours of finger-pointin’ entertainment. Hmmmm, Aeria Games, you know where to find me should you need a hand.

Posted by Kyle Stallock
May 5th, 2009

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