Gala-Net bringing ‘Aika’ to North America

Free-to-play online game publisher, Gala-Net, has created a partnership with HanbitSoft to publish the MMORPG “Aika” for the North American market.

Besides having typical MMO features such as quests, skills and crafting, “Aika” provides a huge PvP system that ranges from small dungeon groups of six up to massive wars of 1,000 vs, 1,000. This makes Wintergrasp and other battlefields in “World of Warcraft” look limited. “Aika” also provides “dramatically stunning graphics,” something that every game thinks it has.

The story takes place on the continent Alkan, where a devil named Zelka causes strife for the humans. Your character starts as a child and grows, learning abilities and characteristics until becoming an adult. There are also sprites (pets) that have their own personalities and can aid your character and other players during quests.

“We are delighted to work with an experienced publisher like Gala-Net, Inc.,” said Hanbitsoft CEO Kee Young Kim, in a statement.”Gala-Net, Inc. has a proven track-record of successfully marketing MMORPGs in North America and we are confident that together we will make a lot of players excited about ‘Aika.’”

Gala-Net has yet to announce a launch date for the North American version of “Aika,” but stay tuned for updates.

Posted by Nikki Lee
May 5th, 2009

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