‘Voyage Century’s’ commercial battles detailed

An overview of the upcoming Commercial Battles from the nautical MMORPG “Voyage Century” was recently posted by IGG. Here is the basic gist of it:

The government started regulating the import and export markets during the Ming Dynasty. Trade such as tea, silk, and goods in bulk had to get the go-ahead from the government before they could be shipped. Because of this, the five merchant alliances began creating the merchant line any way they could.

That is the back story, but really all you do is transport goods to an appointed person. After each journey, you get Merchant Alliance Contributions. You can also get merchant credits at your own port. The top five merchant alliances from each port are given win points. The points are added together from the top five merchant alliances to select the top five alliances of the merchant battles.

That’s basically it. At least you can intercept other players, but that seems to be the only level of excitement to this whole extra content.

To be honest, after reading the overview, the Commercial Battles seem to be rather boring. Maybe I’ll completely take that back once it is actually released and I get a chance to check it out, but we do not yet know when these battles will be added. If you’d like to check out the original overview, visit the IGG site here.

Posted by Nikki Lee

May 1st, 2009

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