Version 13 of ‘flyff’ coming mid-june

Gala Net has announced that Version 13 of their free-to-play MMORPG “Flyff” will go live mid-June. This is said to be “Flyff’s” most extensive version yet, bringing new housing, a new continent, bonuses for having a significant other in the game and more. Does anyone else find it strange and rather humorous that new expansions and versions of games just go ahead and give you a new area to explore and new material items to acquire? It’s just like, BAM, new continent. I’d like to play a game that actually makes you progress enough to discover new areas and things even after an expansion—not just give it to you. But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, this new version gives players a new area to explore, Coral Island. This new island is designed for low to mid level characters and offers double experience points, a doubled drop rate from monsters, increased spawn times and non-aggressive monsters. What happened to leveling? Is leveling considered such a poor part of the game that they are making it so easy to speed through it?

An achievement system has been added with recognition for being a great fighter or even for being the in-game Casanova with over 100 couplings. Speaking of couplings: you can now receive special bonuses for coupling with someone in the game and playing with them. You can even buy a house together, decorate the rooms and hold get-togethers in your humble abode (gag me). I hope they let you have a book club and provide wines and fondue. It would not be complete without those crucial elements.

Something that may spark your interest is the new Rainbow Race. Besides being able to race, you solve a series of puzzles and tasks in order to win. What do you win? This has not been made clear, but I am hoping it is a new book, wine and dip. The Rainbow Race can essentially be described as a scavenger hunt across all of the continents.

To help out with late night grinding, an extra channel has also been added to the MMORPG. This addition is to help reduce any lag that may be experienced and to ensure that spawns are not too crowded.

Posted by Nikki Lee

April 29th, 2009

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