Sacred War event returns in ‘Tales of Pirates’

IGG informed us today that, due to popular demand, the Sacred War event in their free-to-play MMORPG “Tales of Pirates” will return this year.

Is there anything that separates this event from the last’s version? I can’t speak from firsthand experience, but IGG claims this one has more gameplay options and that the system has been balanced for all players to enjoy. A tweak here, a tweak there, and everything’s “cool beans” right? Let’s hope so.

“But hold on a minute,” you’re probably asking. “What’s the event all about?!” I’m glad you asked.

Tales of Pirates” players who fit snugly in the level requirements of 45-64 can take Life and Death tokens to become magically teleported to an exclusive map where they must finish quests, fight bosses, and take out the enemy’s statue in order to, of course, gain phat lewt.

Some claim the entrance to the zone will only last for 10 minutes of the entire three hours the zone is open, so if this PvP-centric activity sounds like your cup-o’-tea, you better set up a timer and/or leave your character logged in near the entrance. If you miss the portal, you nave to wait for an additional hour after the event is over to participate once again.

Like I’ve said many, many, MANY times before, I dig PvP and it’s great to see more MMOs implement content catered towards players like me, even if it appears to be an almost exact copy of what’s offered in another title, such as “World of Warcraft’s” Battle of Wintergrasp.

Then again, The Battle for Wintergrasp is one of “World of Warcraft’s” most successful additions in the last year, so I can’t blame other developers wanting to implement something similar. Heck, maybe IGG can one-up Blizzard and improve on their design.

Posted by Kyle Stallock

April 28th, 2009

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