‘The Chronicles of Spellborn’ officially released…

Today, Acclaim and Spellborn International have announced the official launch of their anticipated MMORPG title, “The Chronicles of Spellborn.”

“Spellborn” is free-to-play up to a certain point, upon which players will need to subscribe if they wish to continue further. To celebrate the launch, anyone who signs up for the game between now and May 7, 2009, will get a free two week premium subscription.

The game takes place in a futuristic fantasy setting, and its biggest selling points are its graphics, and the innovative combat system which applies a slot machine-like mechanic to your skill bar.

“We meet with the gamers every week to discuss ‘Spellborn,’ they tell us the fighting system is the most amazing thing about the game. The idea being that your ‘moment-to-moment’ control during battle, mixed with your own custom skill deck gives endless possibilities. To see a smart level 5 player take down a level 15 player is something that SHOULD be possible in MMOs, and is something that really good players deserve to be able to do!” said Acclaim’s David Perry the USA Director for the Spellborn Project.

If you’re interested in the game, you can find our review of it on the game’s page. In addition, we’ll be giving away a limited number of premium accounts, so be sure to check back on our brand new “Chronicles of Spellborn” sub-forum for details on how you can win a premium account in the new MMORPG!

Posted by Brendon Lindsey

April 24th, 2009

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