Sega Launches Casual Games Portal

With the launching of the new online portal – PlaySega – we see Sega entering the casual gaming scene in both the U.S, and Europe. A literal plethora of different game types have been announce, including arcade, word, card, puzzle, quiz, Sonic-themed games and sports titles. There will also be original games exclusively built for the portal, alongside old favorites like Ice Shuffle and Aquatic Word Burst. PlaySega also features Sonic at the Olympics, the mobile release, ported for the web. Appropriately, the virtual currency will be called PlaySega Rings.

With achievements displayed via leaderboards for all games users can tailor the site and their profile pages with new decorations & backgrounds to better display their scores. Building on a sense of community, users can invite their friends to view their favorite games with their achievement levels & scores too.

There is also a plan to build a VIP area where paid access will be implemented. Here users will gain access to some additional exclusive titles for PlaySega only & classics from the Sega lines. These titles will include games such as Columns, Puyo Pop, Chu Chu Rocket, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Monkey Ball Tip ‘n Tilt.

The intention is to provide Sega fans a place to come onto the site with the new players & build a community around classic vintage titles, and have the opportunity to get access to the new titles developed exclusively for the PlaySega portal. The rumor about the locked vault of retro titles over in Japan has also been confirmed.

The network business director at Sega Europe has received many game suggestions from all over the company. The feedback provided by all employees – from the CEO to all levels of staff – has been overwhelming, but very welcome.

Like other publishers of games, bringing their inventories of existing products to the web will strengthen their position in the industry & position them for growth as their communities fill up with new & seasoned users of their content. The tendency to capitalize across offline & online worlds will continue to fuel the growth of these digital media giants as they see opportunities to bridge the real world & the virtual world with similar offerings. Unique branding & creation of products with synergy in real & virtual worlds will become a masterful way to grow a media business into an empire. Good work Sega, here’s hoping it pays off.

Published by Reinout te Brake

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