Nokia CTO steps down after just eight months

Nokia’s CTO Bob Iannucci has resigned after only eight months in the job. Iannucci, who was also the head of Nokia Research Center (NRC), is leaving the Finnish firm for “personal reasons”, according to a company spokesperson quoted by Reuters.

It is uncertain whether he will be replaced, as Nokia says it will review the CTO position. Iannucci will continue to serve as an adviser to the firm while a decision is made. Henry Tirri, the head of Nokia’s system research unit, will lead the NRC in the interim.

Iannucci joined Nokia in 2004 as head of the NRC’s computing architectures laboratory. He became SVP and head of the research centre in January 2005 and was appointed CTO three years later. Before joining Nokia, he held R&D management positions at Cosine Communications, Compaq and IBM.

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