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There have been some really good advergames on the web lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of those that in my opinion were the most impressive ones.

Axe has released over the last months three games developed in Unity3D. They all stand out for the high production values behind their making, but some lack the fun factor in the gameplay.

Billions, is the most recent of the three, and its setting reminds of the Unity’s Tropical Paradise demo. It has in-game advertising as well, the most remarkable being Burger King’s King (an old acquaintance for those familiar with advergames) as he walks down the street.
Dark Temptation is the most fun of the three, in my opinion, as it requires the player, who plays as a chocolate man, to avoid women who are desperate to get a piece of him. It takes a while to load, but it’s worth it. On the other hand, Rio 40°, is the least fun of them, as it has a rather weak storyline, but it seems a high end production for all the videos it features. One aspect worth highlighting is that the three of them manage to convey very effectively Axe’s brand character.

Mentos, is another company that is familiar with advergames, and its latest release, Kiss Fight, a battle to see who can give their opponent the largest amount of kisses, is fun to play, and also has replayability potential.

Olympikus has also released a high end, Unity developed, game featuring a volleyball match between players of the Brazilian team.

And, last but not least, and also sports related, Puma recently challenged online gamers to race against the fastest man in the world, i.e. Bolt, in this game that actually feels more like an interactive video.

Happy playing!

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