iWin Announces ‘Games Gone Social’

iWin announced the release of its “Games Gone Social” Framework (GaGoSo). The framework allows top single-player casual games to be converted into social games.

The first game released under the GaGoSo framework is the award-winning Jewel Quest II, which will initially be distributed on Facebook. Jewel Quest is a match-three megahit that has sold 4.5 million copies and been downloaded many millions of times across multiple platforms.

The downloadable product recently won a Zeeby, the casual game industry’s top honor, for Best Puzzle Game of 2007. The GaGoSo system takes top casual game brands and puts them into a social framework allowing friends to challenge each other within the same instance of a given level or board. It also allows friends to compare high scores, winning streaks, and ratings with each other.

GaGoSo also offers a virtual currency called GoldPoints which can be shared across games. GoldPoints can unlock special levels, power-ups, or other game features and will eventually be used for virtual goods.

The release of the Jewel Quest II GaGoSo application is the first top casual game franchise application that combines high-quality game-play with the social features that the Facebook platform offers.

The game can be played here: http://apps.facebook.com/jewelquestii

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