Half of US adults communicate through social media

More than 50% of US adults regularly use blogging and other types of social media to communicate with each other, according to MediaPost, quoting information from Interpublic’s Universal McCann unit.

Social media communication is particularly popular with adults aged 18 – 34, as 85% say they use one or more web 2.0 platforms to stay in touch with friends and colleagues. One out of five adults aged 18 – 34 also publishes blogs, up from 10% a year ago. Overall, one out of ten US adults publishes blogs. Analyst Graeme Hutton says the popularity of blogs and social media in general can be attributed to the rapid rise of social networks across the country.

“Two years ago, asking people about blogs, people were shaking their heads,” he says. “I think now it’s taking off because social networks are taking off. RSS feeds, which make reading blogs easier, have become an integral part of the way people communicate and exchange content.”

The report also found that older technology, such as email and instant messaging (IM), are replacing analogue communications. Some 22% of US adults say they rely on IM, up from 9% last year, while 21% of those aged 18 – 34 use it on a regular basis. In addition, text messaging is still growing in popularity, as the number of adults who say they have never sent a text fell to 41% this year from 49% in 2007.

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