Google sued after opening AdSense network

Web Tracking Solutions and Daniel Wexler are suing Google after it opened its AdSense content network to third-party advertisers in North America.

In May this year, Google opened its AdSense content network to allow advertisers to track display ads across the Google content network. The move was designed to enlarge Google’s ad inventory while giving advertisers access to a large number of the search engine’s sites.

However, Web Tracking Solutions and Daniel Wexler claim their patent ‘Third-party on-line accounting system and method thereof’ is violated by Google’s AdSense service. The patent details a method of providing accounting and statistical information about ads served by a third party to a website on behalf of advertisers. According to InformationWeek, the case marks the fourth time Google has been sued for patent infringement this year, after being sued 13 times for patent violation last year.

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