Cameesa is CrowdFunded Fashion

Cameesa is a recently launched startup that wants to do for fashion what IndieGoGo is doing for movies.

Unlike crowdsourcing where you get free labor, crowdfunding is where people “support” an idea and help is move to fruition.

Here’s how Cameesa works:

  • Artists upload their fashion designs into the Cameesa system
  • Supporters then provide funding to help the fashion design turn into a real product
  • Assuming the product gets fully supported (100%), the fashion becomes an actual item for ordering in the Cameesa system
  • At that point, the artist gets paid, the supporters get paid and buyers can place orders for the fashion item

Kristen Nicole reviewed Cameesa last month and noted, “Some could argue that such a model for fronting money isn’t necessarily worth the rewards, unless sales become scalable on a large scale. The question remains whether or not it’s worth it to artists and supporters in the long run. Part of that answer could be boiled down to promotional options provided by Cameesa, and the drive of both artists and supporters. Some widgets, badges and third-party applications on social media sites could begin to help out towards this end.”

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