AOL shuts down behavioural ad service Tacoda

AOL is terminating its Tacoda advertising contracts as part of a bid to integrate its ad businesses into Platform A. Tacoda, which AOL bought last year for around USD275m, will now become part of Platform A’s, reports VentureBeat quoting an email sent to Tacoda clients.

The media blog adds that the move is likely to result in lower cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates for existing Tacoda customers, since reportedly offers CPM of “USD1 or less” compared to between USD2 and USD6 offered by Tacoda. This, however, was denied by Platform A president Lynda Clarizio, who claims is serving behavioural ads at the same rate as Tacoda. The exec says the move represents “an expansion” for Tacoda, which will benefit from’s larger reach.

“We heard from many of Tacoda’s clients, because of the relatively small network it had, that it wasn’t a very scalable solution on its own,” says Carrizo quoted by paidContent. “Everything is being run through the server, which is why we needed to terminate those previous contracts. But the targeting technology that is being used is Tacoda’s system.”

Meanwhile, around 60 of Tacoda’s 97 employees have reportedly left the firm since AOL’s acquisition in July 2007. Carrizo declined to confirm that figure but admitted that some employees were asked to leave.

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