Google tests in-game ad system

Google is testing an in-game version of its Adsense advertising system, reports tech news blog VentureBeat. Adsense for Games has reportedly been trialled during recent months, with insiders claiming it could be launched “very quickly”. The platform will provide ads for online games, as well as disc-based PC titles, console games, and mobile phone games, the report claims.

Google first revealed it was developing Adsense for Games last year, following the purchase of in-game ad firm Adscape. At the Casual Connect games conference, held in Seattle in July 2007, Google’s Bernie Stolar and Greg Schaffer, told Mashable that relevant text and video ads would be supported through the platform, with an initial launch aimed specifically at online games.

The roll out of AdSense for Games will follow a number of other AdSense developments over the last year. In September, Google launched AdSense for Mobile to deliver ads for mobile web pages, while in February 2008 Google launched AdSense for Video after nearly a year of development. In May Google also launched a TV-ad placing system as an extension of its Google AdWords programme.

Earlier this month, Google launched 3D virtual world and Second Life rival, Lively. VentureBeat argues this would be a natural platform to roll-out in-game ads. Google bought video game advertising company Adscape for USD23m in February 2007 in a bid to expand its game and mobile advertising activities.

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