YouTube loses Telecinco case

Spanish broadcaster Telecinco has won a lawsuit it filed against YouTube, accusing the video-sharing site of violating its intellectual property rights.

Telecinco, controlled by Italian broadcaster Mediaset and owned by Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, said in a statement that Madrid’s commercial court had ordered Google-owned YouTube to stop broadcasting content belonging to the channel.

Telecinco filed the suit last month. In a statement, it said the court had ordered “the discontinuation of the use of broadcasts and audiovisual recordings belonging to Telecinco on the internet site operated by YouTube unless explicitly authorised in writing by Telecinco.”

While no financial penalties appear to have been issued, the ruling could prove costly for YouTube if it ends up influencing the company’s ongoing legal battles with TF1 and Viacom. The latter last year initiated a copyright infringement claim against YouTube to the tune of US$1bn in damages.

However, YouTube today attempted to play down the ruling, insisting that the same result could easily have been reached without recourse to the courts.

In a statement, a YouTube spokesman said: “We are pleased that the Spanish court has asked Telecinco to identify the videos they want us to remove – this is precisely what we offer to all copyright holders without any intervention of the legal system and what we have done for Telecinco in the past.

“The decision shows that there is no need for legal action and all the associated costs. Content owners should know that we are always ready to cooperate with them to remove their content if they wish.

“We have hundreds of partners in Europe and thousands around the world who understand that and take advantage of the latest technologies we have developed to help them effectively protect and manage their content on the site. We are also pleased that the Spanish court has ordered the complaint to be served in YouTube’s domicile in the US.”

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