Mochi Media Announces Flash Game Contest: MochiAds Super Flash Game Friday

Mochi Media announced a new contest for online game developers: “MochiAds Super Flash Game Friday.” The contest will award 10 winners, with each winner receiving $1,000 and a Wacom writing tablet.

The contest is free to enter and runs from July 18th through August 31st. All games added to the MochiAds database and approved during the dates of July 18th through August 31st, and which are enabled for distribution, are eligible. The contest is based on Mochi Media’s weekly Flash Game Friday contest, where the MochiAds team selects a favorite game and gives the winning game developer $100. The week of the Super Flash Game Friday contest marks the 10th week of Flash Game Friday. In recognition of the high caliber of games that have been previously submitted, the prizes will be increased to ten times the normal cash amount and expanded to award ten winners.

Winners will be chosen by the contest judges, which include Erin Bell of, Maya Baratz of Mochi Media, and three past MochiAds contest winners.

“These contests are wonderful because they get down to the essence of what Mochi Media is about — giving online game developers a chance to showcase their talents and be rewarded for creating innovative games,” said Jameson Hsu, Mochi Media CEO. “It’s always exciting to reward our developers and see the best of what’s out there.”

“We have consistently seen highly entertaining and creative games win each of our weekly contests,” said Maya Baratz, head of developer relations at Mochi Media and contest judge. “We anticipate the submissions for this contest to be among some of the most engaging games that can be found on the Internet.”

Mochi Media is a casual gaming network that provides tools for game developers, publishers and advertisers. The company provides independent developers of online games with analytics, distribution, and monetization tools — while supplying publishers with a wide array of games they can select to publish to their sites and offering advertisers a way to reach the one-in-three Internet users who play online games.

A comprehensive overview of the contest and submission guidelines can be found at Company to Award Cash and Prizes to Developers of 10 Different Online Games to Recognize the Creativity of the Online Game Developer Community

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