MobileBeat 2008: Nielsen data on mobile Internet

Here’s some of the mobile data just presented by Nielsen at the MobileBeat 2008 today in Sunnyvale, Calif. It shows how mobile Internet usage is growing, and bringing in some new Internet users who don’t access the Web from their PCs.

Mobile investment was the official topic for the panel of venture capitalists at today’s MobileBeat conference in Sunnyvale, but the discussion focused on a more specific, sexy topic — Apple’s iPhone 3G, and especially its App Store. Some of the attention came just because the App Store is the hot new thing right now.

It launched earlier this month, and VentureBeat writer MG Siegler described as “sublime beyond belief.” It has captured people’s imaginations, and is bringing a lot more attention to the mobile space. With all the interest, and with a better revenue-sharing deal (Apple normally gets 30 percent, compared to 40 or 50 percent for most carrier deals, according to Menlo Ventures Shawn Carolan) the iPhone is pretty tempting for app developers. But the panelists didn’t just sing hosannas to Apple.

For one thing, Rich Wong of Accel Partners noted that even if the store is an improvement on the old carrier-reliant model, it’s hardly an open environment. “Well, Apple is a walled garden,” he said. “It’s just a different form of walled garden. … Hopefully it’s a more benevolent one.” Even Rupert Young, who handles strategic investment at AT&T (which, remember, is the only network in the U.S. that carries the iPhone), noted that the App Store isn’t boon for all developers. Once you leave the rarefied realm of the most popular applications and get down to, say, the 50th most downloaded app, “The numbers start to get small very quickly.”

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