FunnyOrDie spinoff site BlueCollarOrDie shuts down

BlueCollarOrDie, a spinoff from Will Ferrell’s much-hyped comedy website FunnyOrDie, has shut down due to lack of traffic.

According to Reuters, BlueCollarOrDie was attracting only 60,000 – 80,000 unique visitors per month, despite investment from Hollywood heavyweights Parallel Entertainment, veteran TV producer Larry Lyttle and venture capital financier Sequoia Capital.

“Ultimately, the BlueCollar audience wasn’t what it was on other platforms,” said Lyttle, former president of Big Ticket Television. “So rather than chase bad money after good money, we decided to stop.”

BlueCollarOrDie is owned by Or Die Networks (ODN), which also offers other ‘or die’ branded sites devoted to extreme sports (ShredOrDie), video games (PwnOrDie) and food (EatDrinkOrDie). The most famous site out of the family is FunnyorDie, which achieved notoriety last year thanks to actor Will Ferrell’s endorsement.

The collapse of BlueCollarOrDie leaves analysts wondering how much influence celebrities really have over online material. While many viewers clicked on the Ferrell’s ‘The Landlord’ sketch, few of them took the time to watch other material on the sites, TechCrunch notes.

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