Virgin registers more than 10m iPlayer viewings

The BBC iPlayer service on Virgin Media recorded more than 10m viewings in June, according to figures from the cable TV company.

Virgin claims it managed to attract half as many viewings to the iPlayer as the BBC website in June, the first full month the service was available to cable TV customers. The top 10 iPlayer programmes on Virgin included ‘EastEnders’, ‘Doctor Who’ and children’s show ‘In The Night Garden’.

Virgin first announced the launch of the iPlayer in April, offering the service to approximately 3.4m viewers. The agreement, which followed on from similar deals with Apple and Nintendo, was part of the BBC’s efforts to bring the iPlayer to a wider UK audience.

The BBC says that 48% of its 3.5m TV customers now “regularly” used video-on-demand, with the average views per customer reaching 24 per month.

According to the FT, the BBC is also planning to develop a set-top box service that lets viewers watch online content through their televisions. The move, which is yet to be cleared by the BBC Trust, would see the BBC partner with content owners and hardware manufacturers to establish a simple IPTV standard.

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