OGPlanet (mmo games) get new round of funding

OGPlanet, the gaming company that licenses popular MMO (massively multiplayer online) games from South Korea for the U.S. market, has raised an undisclosed amount of venture capital from DJF Athena that it said will carry it through to profitability in a short, but also undisclosed, amount of time. In 2006, OGPlanet raised $1.5 million from a group of investors along with RealNetworks Inc.

Games OGPlanet has brought to the U.S. to date include the golf game “Albatross18,” the fighting game “RumbleFighter” and the combat game “BBTanks.” Many of the games it has imported follow the model of “Second Life,” which creates a complex online world that players may enter for free, but must pay for game pieces or other virtual accessories.

In a recent interview, OGPlanet told MMOGames.com that its long-term goal was to offer a broad array of games representing a lot of different genres.

“What we ultimately want, our goal, is to be the Web portal that people go to when they want a free online experience, and when they want a quality online experience,” said OGPlanet executive producer David Hoffman. “In order for us to do that … we also have to cater to all the different genres.”

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