PS3 will achieve profitability by the end of 2008

The spotlight is on Sony now! Here’s the news.

Since its launch, the Sony Playstation 3, hasn´t produced profits yet, because of high production costs. But in a recent interview with Jiji Press, Kazuo Iría, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., said that profits are expected for the end of this year.

He also stated that it’s hard to obtain profits from the console alone, but they will be able to get a profit if related equipment and game software are taken into account. Also, procurement costs are decreasing.

Sony was also present at E3, where David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, announced that the PS3 80 GB model will be introduced in Europe by the end of August. It will have the same price as the 40 GB model, £299/€399. They are expecting the new model to replace its previous version.

Other PS3 news are that by the end of this month, Life with Playstation will be available for users to checkout the news and weather forecast. The PS3 will also have movie and television distribution in the US.

For more Sony announcements check this Gamasutra article.

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