Yahoo is opening up its search engine platform for third parties

Yahoo! is opening up its search engine platform to let developers and third-party companies build customised search services.

The online firm is launching Yahoo! Search BOSS, an API platform that gives users access to the engine’s infrastructure and algorithms, enabling developers to create their own text, image and news search service. The platform, which is currently in beta, will eventually be available in two versions: one with basic functionality designed for general users and another advanced version for selected partners.

Whatever one thinks of this new initiative, this move is a clear sign of Yahoo!’s well positioned and open R&D business strategy. It’ll possibly provide the search engine with an opportunity to achieve additional revenue and gain new brand momentum because the platform will be open.

Think about this;

·Firstly, there is very likely that the popularity of Yahoo! will increase as the search firm gives web owners a tool to create their own ‘smart search’ engine and exploit the API for their own objectives. In particular, Yahoo!’s new platform will allow web developers to create intelligent search tools, directly applicable to their businesses.

·Secondly, it will allow Yahoo! to grow its search business organically as it utilises ‘web brains’ and, basically, creates a free in-house R&D tool. It’s a smart move that promises to trigger much bigger opportunities for Yahoo!’s struggling brand.

·Finally, this new API platform might allow Yahoo! to develop a tailor-made enterprise search business. The firm could supply a software tool or plug-in application for various market intelligence and internal enterprise search services.

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