Yahoo! announces ad-supported online gaming AND Yahoo Bets Big on Free Game Downloads

Two articles to read! Yahoo is quite busy with gaming. What can we expect? One article says

“Yahoo and its partners can target ads according to game player demographics: action games for young dudes, puzzle titles for older players, and so on.” the other article; “Top technology providers, Double Fusion and NeoEdge, will sell and integrate pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads into the Yahoo! Games catalog. Paid downloads without advertising will also be available to users on Yahoo! Games.”

first one;
With so much venture funding going into web-based, ad-driven casual games (both the companies that create them and those that monetize them), you’d think the gaming industry as a whole was moving in that direction. I certainly did, at least until today. But Yahoo Games just told me that starting this week, they’re going to host free, downloadable casual games embedded with video ads. (Think games that play more like TV shows, with commercials in between breaks.) Fifty of them are available now; by end of the year, according to division head Kyle Laughlin, they plan to have 400 of these ad-wrapped games online.
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second one;
Yahoo! announced that Yahoo! Games will offer ad-supported downloadable games from the top casual games publishers. With more than 400 ad-supported games available to users by the end of the year, Yahoo! Games solidifies its commitment to providing the Internet’s best gaming experience, and is creating new opportunities for advertisers to reach an engaged audience. The announcement brings the industry’s largest collection of ad-supported games to the biggest gaming audience on the web and reinforces Yahoo! Games’ overall strategy to be the most comprehensive distribution point for games online.

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