The most misleading term since friendly fire

The phrase is not mine, but I read it somewhere recently, and it seemed the perfect title for this post.

Not so long ago I entered the gaming business, and one of the first things that came to my attention was the never ending antagonism between casual and hardcore gamers. When long time gamers refer to casual games, they usually do so in a sneer way….. casual games are for girls!, they seem to think.

Yes, maybe, and what’s wrong with that? A recent report by the Casual Games Association declared that this sector is growing at a 20% annual rate and that it’s currently worth $2.25 billion. Also, more and more casual games firms are getting millionaire funding, and over 145 million people are estimated to play casual games.

Personally I think of myself as a hardcore casual gamer. I can spend more than the healthy amount of hours playing Wedding Dash and Cake Mania, and I’m sure that getting an experts score on every level of Diner Dash requires as much dedication as mastering WOW or GTA. Besides, I’m willing to spend money, or watch ads in order to play the full version of the game. For sure, I’m not the only one. So publishers and advertisers listen up!: the casual games sector has been proving to have a lot of loyal followers who, like me, are avid of more and better games.The casual games sector really seems to be blooming and it shouldn’t be overlooked. For those interested in learning more about casual games, you should definitely check out, particularly the installments on the different business models that exist in the casual games market.

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