Inside; Playfish takes social gaming to another level; Playfish develops and publishes video games on social networks

Nice thing on Masable. Playfish is a game developing company that creates great time wasters on Facebook. So far with $4 million in investment funding and backing from Accel Partners, Playfish has published three games, all of which rank high amongst Facebook applications.

Playfish is a registered iPhone developer, so I do expect to see something in the way of mobile games once the 3G iPhone is released. It would be a good route to take, considering the need for the developer community to leverage devices like the iPhone to catalyze cross-device adoption and promotion of new models occurring around the casual gaming industry.

Company Name: Playfish

20 word description: Playfish develops and publishes video games on social networks. We’re backed by Accel and $4m in funding.

CEO’s 100 word description: Playfish develops and publishes video games on social networks. Unlike other social games companies our team’s background is video games – we’ve developed and published over 100 video games titles on other platforms (mainly mobile and casual) between us prior to Playfish. All our three titles so far are in the Facebook games top-10 (Who Has The Biggest Brain?, Word Challenge, and Bowling Buddies). We have grown to over 7 million players in less than 6 months from launch. In the month of May we served over 300 million minutes of player engagement globally (10% YouTube’s stated monthly engagement).

PlayFish is backed by Accel Partners, advisory board includes Atari CEO and long time EA veteran David Gardner, headquartered in London with offices in Beijing and Tromsø, Norway. Playfish believes that social games are the next really big growth opportunity for the video games industry and are working hard to be one of the leading companies in the area.

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