MySpace versus Facebook; Analysis of both traffic and ad revenue, using Google Trends

Today I was doing some research for a french company called Imagiin. I was looking at social communities and how they can benefit from the Imagiin’s technology. An article that I found realy struck me and I started reading, here you go;

As some of you know, I’ve previously written about the MySpace versus Facebook topic, both a year ago in the post Wanna bet? In 1 year, will Facebook be bigger? Or will MySpace? and MySpace versus Facebook: Winning in the US, Losing internationally. In general, I’ve taken a fairly pro-MySpace stance, since I think there’s a lot of qualities of the site which are lost on the typical technogeek here in San Francisco.

That said, it’s undeniable that MySpace has been losing ground internationally, while both have plateau’d here in the US. Interestingly enough, I think the fact that it’s possible for a newer product like Facebook to overtake MySpace creates a surprising argument:

Social networks have weaker network effects than previously speculated

After all, if the networks effects would be strong, you’d figure that MySpace would be able to hold onto their lead anywhere, regardless of product quality, when in fact that hasn’t been the case.

Playing around with Google Trends
After reading many mentions of this new product, I decided to play around with Google Trends tonight. I started to compare MySpace versus Facebook traffic from around the world, since you can, for example, ask how MySpace versus Facebook is doing in the US, over the maximum time period.

A *big* caveat on the discussion below is that obviously the Google Trends product is new, and lacks any track record on how accurate it is. You can consider the following discussion very much contingent on these factors – if anyone wants to do a similar view of this in comScore or another service, would be happy to link to it! (A recent but coarser chart of comScore numbers can be found here)

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