Google Trends Comes To Web Sites: Trends For Web Sites

Google has launched a major addition to Google Trends named Trends for Web Sites. Trends for Web Sites extends Google Trends by enabling you to search for web site addresses, as opposed to just searching for trends by keyword.

R.J. Pittman, Google’s Director of Product Management, told that by entering a domain name into Google Trends, Google will return traffic, search and geographic visitation data for that site.

Trends for Web Sites will show sites related to the domain name you entered, it will also show searches that are correlated to the domain name and if you are logged into Google, it will show the estimated traffic for that site. In addition, you can enter in up to five domain names and Google will plot line graphs for all the domains you entered in.

For example, this screen capture shows the web site trends for As you can see, it plots “unique visitors” on the bar graph. This number is an estimate in the search volume for this site for all regions over “all years.” Here is the screen capture:

Google Trends for Web Sites

Under the unique visitors chart is additional data. The “regions” data is something brought over from Google Trends for keywords, which shows how popular your site is by searchers in specific regions. The key new data here is “also visited” and “also search for…” data. The “also visited” data shows sites that searchers also visited based on correlated search data Google has. The “also search for…” shows other searches the searcher searched for that is related to this site. Google will show up to ten data points per section, but often might show less data then ten.

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