Guess what, I am the only one waiting for the new iphone! Out of the 54% who say they are not interested in the device

For Dutch people I think the Iphone is not that expensive, definitely when you look what this device can offer when you are on the road. Of course Apple’s strange move to allow you subscribe to a carrier you might not want, is a decision which makes me question their motive. But the statistics are;

Out of the 54% who say they are not interested in the device, 41% think that the iPhone is too expensive. In 2007, the average price of an iPhone was USD399 for the 8GB version and USD499 for 16GB, while the global average price was USD387. By contrast, Motorola, Samsung and RIM Blackberry all sell mobile phones at the lower-end average price of USD200 to USD300. Another 22% of consumers say they are put off by Apple’s exclusive tie-up with AT&T, stating they don’t want to switch carrier.

In addition, a high percentage of consumers feel that the iPhone’s best feature is not what attracts them when choosing a mobile phone brand. Some 35% applaud the iPhone’s fingertip navigation, but only 5% say this feature has the most influence on their purchasing decisions.

However, PriceGrabber admits that consumer may change once the new 3G iPhone hits the market next month. In the UK alone, more than 130,000 people have pre-registered their interest in the device, compared to the 35,000 consumers who expressed an interest in the 2G version last year.

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