Cisco warns online video choking the internet

Cisco is warning that backs up comments by major ISPs that online video is expected to cause major global bottlenecking of the internet, saying that the issue is expected to increase exponentially in coming years.

The company’s report says that online video is already consuming vast amounts of global network capacity and forecasts that IP traffic will almost double every two years to 2012, with an overall combined usage growing at an annual rate of 46%.

Cisco says the speed of internet usage is requiring the development of new metrics for measurement, including the regular usage of the terms ‘exabytes’ and ‘zettabytes’, one exabyte equallingone billion GB and a zettabyte equivalent to one trillion GB.

The growth is attributed to the pre-eminence of social networks, easy video communication and high-bandwidth entertainment assets, and Cisco predicts that online video traffic will grow around four hundred fold by 2012 from usage in 2000, with 90% of consumer traffic expected to be from video on demand services, P2P video sharing and other forms of online video.

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