Who needs World of Warcraft?

When doing my usual round online, searching and reading, I found a nice article about MMO’s

Who needs World of Warcraft? Discover a couple of free online games that are worth your time, and one regular MMO–Age of Conan–that’s worth your money.

This week, we’re monkeying around in one epic, action-heavy online game for which you won’t mind paying the $15-per-month fee. First, though, buckle up for a few massively multiplayer online games that won’t cost you one red cent. We’re talking completely gratis online gaming–no hidden items to buy, no shenanigans.

Don’t feel like parting with your paycheck just to goof off? Here are couple of free online games that I’ll probably spend the rest of my weekend playing. Give ’em a try–it’s not as if they’ll cost you anything.

Interested? Sure you are, read here!

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