Anti-piracy firm shutdowns legal online video service

Online video network Revision3 is accusing anti-piracy firm MediaDefender of bringing down its services. MediaDefender – a firm that tries to stop illegal file sharing – hit Revision3’s servers with a denial of service attack, apparently mistaking the legitmate online service for a pirate site because it uses BitTorrent to legally distribute programming.

Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback says MediaDefender exploited a security loophole to infiltrate Revision3’s servers and plant unknown data. Following detection of the security breach, Revision3 was forced to shut down operations, while MediaDefender continued, in what appears to be, an automated process that continually flooded Revision 3’s network.

Louderback says the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has been contacted, because MediaDefender is believed to have broken numerous laws by its action. MediaDefender has been employed to conduct anti-piracy activities for bodies such as the Recording Industry Association of America, Sony and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). It has also been accused of using illegal methods to plant incriminating evidence in a bid to shut down P2P file sharers.

Revision3 says all of its operations are legal, and any illegal content found on its servers is expected to be a result of MediaDefender’s tampering.MediaDefender declined to comment.

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