Casual Game Publishers Widely Embrace NeoEdge Solutions for Ad-Supported Games

NeoEdge Networks, Inc., an innovator in delivering advertising solutions for casual games, today announced that more than 30 top game publishers are working with NeoEdge to monetize more than 300 games. The announcement — made at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco — comes just two months after the formal release of NeoAds, the industry’s first open advertising network for online and downloadable casual games.

“This has been a remarkable time for NeoEdge, and we are gratified with the enthusiastic adoption of our advertising solutions by some of the world’s top game publishers,” said NeoEdge CEO, Alex Terry. “At a time when publishers are looking for additional ways to monetize their games, NeoEdge has delivered solutions that quickly, easily and profitably augment game sales with advertising revenue.”

New Way to Monetize a Rapidly Growing Market
The $35 billion-plus gaming industry continues to gain momentum as a popular consumer pastime. In fact, gaming is now the #3 most common consumer activity on personal computers (behind email and Web surfing only). According to a recent survey by Parks Associates, 34% of U.S. Internet users play online games every week — more than the number of people who visit social networks or online video-sharing sites.

According to a recent report by eMarketer, advertising for games is expected to reach $1.9 billion by 2011. This advertising opportunity is particularly great in the casual gaming segment. The latest Casual Games Association report outlined over 200 million consumers playing casual games each month. Fortunately, NeoEdge’s path-breaking advertising solutions provide publishers, such as Arcade Lab, PlayFirst, Mumbo Jumbo and ValuSoft, with the opportunity to diversify their revenue streams beyond online game purchases.

“NeoEdge has created a compelling second source of revenue for game publishers,” said Daniel Zandelin at Arcade Lab. “Publishers can now monetize every free trial for a game with highly relevant, non-intrusive advertising. In addition, the flexibility and customization that NeoEdge provides ensure that we protect our partner brands as well as the general consumer experience.”

With the NeoAds advertising network, NeoEdge is delivering three innovations to the market.

*Ease of adoption: the company uses a proprietary, patent-pending technology — NeoARM (Advertising Rights Management) — to place ads before, during and after casual games. The process works with new and back catalog games, without any effort required from game publishers.

*An open environment: the network is open to all major participants in the evolving ecosystem — game publishers, developers, Web portals and aggregators — enabling the network to scale wherever there is an opportunity.

*A comprehensive solution: the ad network is being used to monetize both online and downloadable games, providing publishers with a single solution for serving multiple markets, a key feature in this dynamic, global industry.

“The ease, openness and completeness of our solutions make them valuable to many publishers,” said Terry. “In the end, what we are offering is a partnership that lets publishers and developers focus on what they do best, while NeoEdge supports those efforts with high margin advertising revenue.”

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